Insight IH Consulting

Delivering Industrial Hygiene Solutions

Insight IH Consulting is a full-service industrial hygiene consulting firm based in Wisconsin that provides a multitude of services to industrial clients. We have extensive experience in many industries throughout the country, including heavy manufacturing, machine shops, food and beverage, electronics, paper, and petrochemical.

The world is full of people and firms willing to help industry navigate the multitude of health and safety issues. We can separate ourselves from most, due to our unique experience and skills:


Thirteen plus years consulting for industry means we're familiar with the trends in the field. We also know real-time monitoring, contaminant mapping, and ventilation, in addition to the standard IH and safety offerings.


Most firms prefer using proven consultants, so a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) is a must. How about staff with a CSP, a CHMM, and an engineering background? We can offer that.

Diverse Industries

From foundries to secondary lead smelters to food plants, manufacturing facilities, oil and gas, and warehouses. We've seen a lot of ways to address problems, both good and bad. We can leverage this knowledge into your project.

Cost Effectiveness

Price is important. With less overhead and low multipliers, we can offer large consulting firm skills at discounted prices.

Fully Responsive

Having performed work in forty-two states, we aren't afraid of a little travel. This willingness to fly (and drive) means that distance is by no means an obstacle. We are well-positioned to service multi-site clients.

Continuing Service

Clients like to know their consultant will be along for the ride. We love what we do. God willing, our focus will be to provide industry with another twenty-five years of uninterrupted service.


It is our goal to offer the best services that provide the most benefit to clients at the best possible rate. Call us today to gain additional insight into your employee’s exposures.

The knowledge you gain can lead to focused controls that will lead to a healthier, happier workforce.