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We will provide a quotation absolutely free of charge.  The process is simple:  contact us, and we will gather the needed information for a quote either through a short phone call or through an on-site walkthrough of your facility.  Once we have gathered the needed data, we will send a proposal document that describes the project background, scope of services, estimated fee, the basis for the estimated cost, deliverable product, terms of contract, schedule, and health and safety considerations.

Should you choose us, you’ll immediately see the difference in service quality from other firms.  During IH assessments, we are out on the facility floor, taking detailed notes of the personal protective equipment (PPE) in use, layout of processes, production rates, the effectiveness of ventilation features, and more.  We’ll draw on our experience in the industry, with over four-hundred on-site days.  We have seen the best practices for most operations, and we have a great familiarity with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.  The report you will receive will describe the activities in great detail, and will provide excellent guidance that will guide you in the next steps to ensure a healthy workforce.

We are experienced (13+ years) in serving diverse industries (ranging from food to foundries) across the entirety of the United States (we’ve worked in 42 states).  We are certified (CIH, CSP, CHMM), look to offer the best pricing possible (no overhead and discounted travel), and will continue to serve the industry for decades to come.  Give us the opportunity to become your go-to resource for industrial hygiene consulting… you certainly will not regret it!

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